From Titilagarh to Paris with Love.. (Saswat Joshi)

” Music is the universal language, which knows no boundaries and can you give relief when you fall short of words, It adds charm in life and life would have been monotonous and boring without it. Music connects hearts, opens horizons of your mind and gives you an immense pleasure ” –  Says Saswat Joshi

Saswat was initiated into dance at very early age and was trained in odishi dance fromGuru Prasanta Patnaik and Guru Shantanu Behera in Titilagarh.

Saswat Joshi have performed in various national and international dance festivals like Japan, UK, Canada, Europe and India. He has participated in many workshops on Odissi dance in South Korea, Europe, Italy; Japan.His performance reflects the emotion of Odissi dance. Saswat is known for expression and technical perfection in Odissi dance. Saswat Joshi performs in Mangalacharan, Batu, Pallavi, Abhinaya and Mokhya. For Saswat, Odissi is more than a dance for; it is a means of expression and joy. He has dedicated his life towards Odissi dance.Saswat is a devoted and passionate disciple of Odissi dance and is under the guidance of the renowned dancer and teacher, Padmashree Dr.Ileana Citaristi.


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He is currently organising a #odishi dance workshop in paris which already got much appreciated in different medias, This workshop is unique and very innovative as he says he is trying a different approach to a dance with the combination of #odissi, folk, martial art and traditional dance form of odisha with lectures demonstrations.


Kudos to him for spreading love in the city of love (Paris) .. and spreading our culture globally ..

Here is the exclusive video of saswat and team performing our very own #Dalkhai @ internationally famed dance Studio in Paris.


We at Nuakhai Bhetghat Kutumb wishing him all the luck for his upcoming performance on 28 th may in Paris @ centre Mandap, rue vergniaud


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