ସଜନି ରେ ଗିତ୍ .. ଟିକେ ଅଲ୍ଗା ପ୍ରକାର .. ବହୁତ ଭଲ୍ ଲାଗବା, ସୁନୁନ୍ ଟିକେ ..

Muze AVL have recreated the magical  Sajani Re .. song from the Legendary Koshli Movie “Bhuka“, This beautiful song is sang by Sonal Panda (MBC Tv Singing Superstar Junior Fame)

Song – Sajani Re
Singer – Sonal Panda
Original Composer – Ramesh Mahanand
Music Re Created By – Subodh Maharana
Produced By : Khirod Maharana
Music On – Muze AVL

Undoubtedly the Original song will always have its own charm, This is definitely an welcoming approach by the team to make this song popularise in a #AlgaPrakar style.


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Original Song

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